Video: Make Electric Cars Available to Nigerians at Zero Percent Duty

“Think Green. Act Green. Drive an electric car. No pollution, no gas. Think of a future where we are all safe as human beings”.

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  1. Have you heard about the Project D0VE Initiative. They are a group of youths working with towards developing urban electric vehicle concepts that can be used by the public. They are based in Unilag and are about to exhibit their 1st prototype. D0VE is an acronym for (Designed with 0 Vehicle Emissions). Find out more about them here


  2. I can build an electric car which can be 3 way power.thanks


  3. I can build a 3 way power electric car which can last longer. and travel more


  4. I can construct an electric car,but i cannot provided the material.with imaganation and education we can do unimaganab


  5. BEN Murray bruce You are my role modle because all you talk about is how nigeria wil develop and grow further to a remarkable nation , but our proble is the leader , let them show concern and leaft nigeria forward. And i like your statement”i just want to make common sence”


  6. Nigeria has no light and you are making an electric car. is that sensible?


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