Nigeria’s Biggest Problem

Many people talk about the problems militating against Nigeria’s progress and in doing so they list out corruption, a bad economy, terrorism or crime. In my opinion, Nigeria’s biggest problem is not corruption, a bad economy, terrorism or crime. These are just symptoms of the problem we face in Nigeria. Nigeria’s biggest problem is that we are not united. Fix that and you fix Nigeria! Today, instead of solving this problem, we have chosen rather to continue the problem by poisoning our youth with Nigeria’s biggest problem of disunity. 
Right before our eyes, our youths are using social media for disunity, fighting each other on basis of party, religion and tribe. For instance, I was appalled when a youth tweeted a picture of another youth who had added him to a Twitter list called ‘political enemies’. Can you believe it? Nigeria’s biggest problem is the reason it was easy so for the colonialists to colonise our ancestors. We are never united.
Think back to history.

The British did not send a lot of troops to the Niger area. What they did was send enough troops to guard their commercial interests and then those troops under the command of their officers recruited a local constabulary which formed the bulk of the forces that enforced the will of the colonialists. They were used to pacify communities that resisted British rule and yet these were natives of the territory that would come to be known as Nigeria. A classic divide and rule strategy.
Fast forward a hundred and twenty years and not much has changed. It is the same old same old. The crab mentality where we pull each other down is still being perpetuated. Our youths are on social media calling each other IPOB, aboki and wailers. All that youthful energy that should have been put into productive ventures and enterprises is wasted on hating each other. We take such delight in using our considerable intelligence to pull each down and have none left to pull Nigeria up.
Someone brings good ideas but we do not consider the idea. Rather we fight the person because he is All Progressives Congress (APC)/Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)/North/South/Christian/Muslim.

Many brilliant Nigerians had their idea rejected because of where they came from only to go abroad to be successes. This is the case with Chinedu Ocheruo and many other Nigerians who are now celebrated abroad.
To progress as a nation, we must change. The word ‘United’ in the names of the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is what made and keeps making those nations great. They are not smarter than us. They are just more united.
Look at Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Imagine where Nigeria would have been if we forgot where that great sage came from and coalesced around his ideas for developing Nigeria. It is because of disunity that Awolowo was the “best president we never had”.

Everyone knew he was the best but he was rejected because we were and are too focused on artificial divisions like tribe and creed. Today the economy is tanking, but instead of that to be our focus, we prefer to fight while Nigeria burns.
If you say the truth about our economy, you are attacked as an enemy of the present administration as if the naira or the dollar respects your party or your tribe. This is what they did in Zimbabwe. Where is their economy today? Do we want Nigeria to go that route?Nigeria’s biggest problem is disunity and I call on President Muhammadu Buhari, the 36 state governors, and all ex-presidents to put aside their differences and help build unity through their comments and their actions.
Leaders must stop calling each other derogatory names like wailers, dullards, zombies etc. Leaders must focus on leading and not on blaming previous leaders for the situation in which they find themselves. Leaders ought to refrain from making blanket statements that generalise a whole tribe or ethnic nationality. But most importantly, leaders must believe in their people especially on the international stage and must use every podium made available to them to sell Nigerians and Nigeria to the world. If Nigerians see their leaders uniting irrespective of tribe, religion and party, they will follow suit.

Recently, the Ese Oruru saga came to public notice and while it would have been an easy narrative to generalise and blame the kith and kin of Yinusa ‘Yellow’, it would also have made for a false narrative. That is why I tweeted in the heat of the saga (February 29th) as follows “Our anger should be directed at the abductor and any negligence on the part of the police and not on a tribe or religion”. I kept on hammering this message on and off social media because I know that there are only two types of Nigerians. There are good Nigerians and there are bad Nigerians. Every other division is artificial.

The only identity God gives us when we are born in Nigeria is Nigerian. All other identities come after that. In conclusion, let us learn to be blind to party, ethnicity and religion when issues of Nigeria’s development are concerned, otherwise we will never progress, instead we will retrogress. If we do not learn this, it will be a case of I and my state against Nigeria, I and my tribe against my state, I and my village against my tribe and I and my family against my village and finally, I against my brother.

My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!

Murray-Bruce is the senator representing Bayelsa East and chairman of the Silverbird Entertainment Group

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  1. To make naija grow is also in your hands, because ur re a business man who knows the importance of products and it’s qualities to curb the rate of unemployed youths in your own state you claimed to be one, you owned a silver birth cinema of which you started with a bighearted vision a very big structure or building, which may contained some hundreds youth instead of completing that project which may reduced unemployed youths in your state you dumped that and how do want naija grow I think am making a common sense too.


  2. think about your political zone and make betterment it economy and how to reduced unemployed youths thanks


  3. Letter To A Commonsensical Mentor.                                                          Mr Ben Murray Bruce I would like to go straight to the point I would introduce myself when we are done. To the common sense advocate I would like to say well done nice work sir but to what end I would like to ask sir? You might have ignited a revolution that can successfully change the course of Nigeria to a better one but Mr common sense permit me to ask how have you fanned the embers of this burning revolution ? How have you sustain the surge of this great light? Are you just contented with just talking to the deaf upper echelons of this society or just making the masses feel better that at least they have a common sense advocate in the Senate  Or you are as some say nursing an ambition with the commonsense antidote. This is not meant to criticize you and your approach but to help in the little way we can. Sir I think the youth should be the center of this initiative the older generation won’t change they would never buy naija to grow naira they would never subsidise transport because their heart is hardened. You might believe you are touching the youth through your posts on Facebook Twitter your website and even YouTube videos but how many of this post as gotten to the youth at the grassroots ? What has been its impact on the lives of youth leaders we have student union NANS leaders that are already following the path of our present leaders Knowing fully well they would eventually become the leaders of tomorrow. Sir why talk to the political bigwigs in Bayelsa  that wont change the way they run their violent election why not talk to the youths constituting willing tools in the hands of this political overlords Sir why not give your motivating speeches on school campuses in the presence of the students and not the business mogul and the politicians. Why not create a grassroots network of teams that would further entrench this revolution Sir some of the believers in your common sense ideology  have started it on the campus of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Ondo state we are TEAMCOMMONSENSE Sir all we are saying we want is a grassroots spread of this ideology. Sir we would be expecting your  reply Sir and we at TEAMCOMMONSENSE AAUA we are ready to give a report of all our activities since we have started. I am Ogundeyi Oluwatosin a 200level student of political science AAUA (senator elect @ AAUA students representative council)


  4. The five thousand naira promise made by the APC to the unemployed Nigerian youth,

    is an April fool/ a political kola.


  5. U have not reach out to ur co-odinator s in d various wards that make brass senatorial, they are not happy b/c they expect u to reach them, try to reach them it is not late.


  6. Wow…common sense indeed


  7. hello sir my name is Michael akpan from Nigeria I was raised in USA but have been back for two years in Nigeria. I have been very much into to starting and training kids in American football at this point we have three teams in Nigeria and one coming to pH but I am currently trying to buy equipment to fully kit the kids, I heard your message on sports and not helping our own kind if there is a way i can get a courtesy visit and show you my proposal and ideas on how American football can help Nigeria economy thank you very much for your time and patience into this subject. I will foot my on bill.


  8. our economy can onli be better if we stop depending on the export of our little oil for money(the raw material which is crude ) and start making byproducts of it …the byproduct didn’t reduce prize its just d crude . so if we use our cheap crude to make byproducts we can export dem this idea is from my pastor David ibiyomieye the founder of salvation ministry


  9. I like to get the latest news


  10. …I truly think this is worth sharing!

    Here’s a thought provoking suggestion to the government of our great country Nigeria.
    🇳🇬 🇳🇬 🇳🇬
    *A senator earns N36,000,000 monthly*.
    If this is divided into two, he collects N18,000,000 and the balance *N18,000,000 can be used to employ 200 Nigerians who will earn N90,000 per month.*

    200 persons multiplied by 109 senators = *21800 employees*.

    This means that 200 Nigerians can live comfortably on half of a senator’s
    monthly pay.

    *A member of the Federal House of Reps. earns N25,000,000 per month.*
    If this is divided into two, the ‘Honourable’
    earns N12.5million per month. The balance *N12.5million will employ 135 Nigerians who will earn N92,500 per month*.

    135 Nigerians multiplied by 360 Honourables in the Federal house of Reps. = *48600 employees*.
    135 Nigerians can comfortably live on half of a monthly income of just ONE Honourable member of Reps.

    *This administration can actually EMPLOY 70,400* *Nigerians who will earn N90,000 and N92,500 respectively _just from the simple REDUCTION of the monthly income of both Senators and Rep members_!!*
    Do the maths….

    Now it’s your responsibility to forward to your *Senator* and *House of Rep member*…
    *CHANGE should begin with the NASS!*

    Please Re-broadcast!!


  11. In agreement with being blind to partisan politics, ethnic and religous affiliations, common sense calls for impeaching a president, who obviously, lacks the capacity or wherewithal to lead Nigeria out of her present state of turmoil.
    Senator Bruce, common sense (elite) Nigerian both in Nigeria and diaspora are watching to see if you and your colleagues will put common sense to action by leading impeachment proceedings against a lame duck president and save Nigeria from imminent collapse.


  12. I am set to deliver my people in this oncoming Holocaust. …I am a revolutionary. .. I am Gwatana Jerry and I just want to make extra ordinary sense. Do not depend on this government, they will not save us from penury and squalor rather the ideas and tremendous motive taken by my generation will raise positive n solution providers and also progressive change in our economy. I am not carried away by these signs of gross darkness but I believe in the realities of the Nigerian child.Help me welcome Nigeria into safe hands as we move into a new era


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