What is Your Vision of the Nigerian Dream?

What is Your Vision of the Nigerian Dream? I propose that the Nigerian dream should be a nation of equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of religion or ethnicity. 

Watch and share your own vision of the Nigerian dream in the comment section below. Your comments will be complied and will be discussed on my new show; The Shadow Cabinet – starting second quarter of 2017.

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  1. My of Nigeria is to see a truely Federal entity. A country where each federating units develop and grow based on their commitment, religious choices, hardwork and tolerance of cultural diversity.


  2. My Vision of A Nigeria Dream is having a total abolition of our Constitution and Implement what is inside our Confab Report. Let every region or zone take absolute control of their own resources. Their is too much concentration of power at the center.

    In the new constitution, let every state has an input based of their peculiarity. What works for south may not work for the west vis a vis Northern region.

    We have allow selfish leaders divided us along ethnicity and Political colorations. This must stop. Let’s have a Restructuring that gives resources back to the states and let every state Governor be held accountable for the development of their environment.

    Too much unemployment will lead to revolution, let the state Governors develop their Youths through empowerment, skills acquisition and tapping their entrepreneurial skills and financing it as a way of creating employment opportunities.

    Current government fiscal policy is a total shamble. We must look inward for professionals irrespective of party or religious colorations to form think tank team that will pilot our economy. For every government that rely on Political friends to form any of his or her economic team, the end result is a collosal damage to the system. Their must be a law that compel every number one citizen of this country to search outside their Various Political platform for technocrats that will form members of the economy team.

    One a President fails to appoint best hands in handling the country economy, the results is RECESSION and a whole lots of evil


  3. I want a Nigeria where every parson will have equal right and equal before the law. Where the less privilege will be protected. Where the security and law enforcement agencies will pro-act than react to issues and situations. Where both politician, public servant, civil servant, law enforcement organs should know and do their work than waiting for somebody to tell them what to do (The president or Governor or others). where the Country laws will be respected, obeyed and enforced equally. Where the country resources will be evenly distributed. Where everybody will say no to corruption, tribalism and religion violet.




  5. Fact is there’s yet no country truly called Nigeria. So to have a true Nigeria with real CITIZENS; first we must revert to PARLIAMENTRY System of Government. Secondly we must revert to REGIONALISM, using the existing Six Geo Political Zones. Then will a Nation be born and NATIONHOOD will bring forth a Natioal Dream called the NIGERIAN-DREAM!
    Else the deciet continues. CK


  6. “…a nation where there are equal opportunities”, where the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody. Seems like a longshot, but I am totally on board with this. I could never agree more!


  7. We cannot but still remind them the issue of electricity. It’s a shame on us after so many years and much money invested to improve power in the country. There so many benefits a nation can achieve when there is sustainable and reliable power supply in the country. The Nigerian flag is green and white. The green stands for agriculture. We have left the old days when agriculture used to be our major source of revenue. Let stop religion crisis. Why killing Christians? I still fo not get it. That is not possible. My Nigeria dream relies on electricity and agriculture. Above all, everybody should be allowed to practice his/her religion. My name is Nelson. I just want to make a common sense.


  8. My Nigerian dream is to be equal and enjoy and equal right plus priviledges and facilities. Freedom of speech and and listening 👂 people in power who would make sure we demystify the men of power who wasted our yesterday, who loot our today, and to whom our future is sport. The ORDINARY PEOPLE must COUNT… 👌



    Activist Prince Adedayo AbdulQudus Akinyemi
    T: @ActivistQudusAA
    Facebook: AbdulQudus Adedayo Akinyemi A
    PIN -7A80F97F


  9. my vision on Nigeria dream is a Nigeria where each state controls its resources and pay certain % to d federal (it will bring enough developments and less corruption); where every family have a great entrepreneur proudly supported by government; where an Hausa/Fulani man builds house / factory in Igbo land; where government controls child bearing and where education is a priority. God bless Nigeria.


  10. Good Morning Senator,
    This is a very interesting topic you have raised. I must say I have been battling with this lately because I realised it was not having #TheNigerianDream that has made great ideas die and great minds keep silent and leave this country at large.
    #TheNigerianDream for me is very simple.
    Being the only black Nation in the world that is fully developed enabling each citizen the tool and power to create wealth and project true Africanism to the rest of the world.
    To achieve this, we simply need to go back to “NORMALCY”
    To be Normal, I simply mean we need to stabilise power so that people can save all the funds they use to generate power and invest it in something meaningful.
    To be Normal means that every product made and imported undergoes Total Quality Management so as to last more to save cost of maintaining our lives.
    To be Normal means we need to come from the negative value we have to NORMAL (zero) before we start growing (get to positive value)
    To be Normal means we need to remodel the foundation and make it solid
    To be Normal means we need to be informed and greatly educated
    To be Normal means we need to be campaign against mediocrity
    To be Normal means we need to be deliberate.




  12. This is my Nigerian Dream:

    The arrest, prosecution & hanging of the sponsors of the “unknown gunmen” harassing Nigeria. (2) Government, subsidy on solar energy equipment for Nigerians so as to reduce the load on PHCN thus, PHCN electricity can be channeled to industrialization. (3) Government effort of development switch to 70% rural development & 30% urban development. (4) State Government/ PPP transport systems revived nationwide for affordable transportation (5) Rapist Chemically Castrated BY LAW (6) A quicker & fair Judicial System. (7) Stronger Naira. (8) Regional growth, States & individuals working together to see regions, communities, villages etc develop economically, socially, etc. (9) In support of no. 4, safer highways and roads.


  13. ….. You know something Sir, PLEA BARGAINS have actually shown themselves time and time again to aid would be criminals/ offenders/ corporate pilfers / corrupt politicians to siphon government in the billions & as an “Honest Thief” return some amount in good faith. The Plea Bargain has liquefied the strength of “the truth.”

    I want a Nigeria with a Conditional Plea Bargain. Not for those who rob Nigerian pockets but for those due for it.


  14. I dream of a Nigeria whose citizens no longer fast to get visas to become slaves in other countries. A Nigeria where food, clothing and shelter is no longer an exclusive privilege. A Nigeria that is respected ( I actually don’t mind feared) across Africa. A Nigeria that is the bastion of the black race. A Nigeria whose leaders fear and respect the common man simply because his vote counts and his voice is truly the voice of God. A developed Nigeria where we don’t all have to flock to Abuja to earn pittance as wages. I can’t wait for my own Nigeria.


  15. Any political bloc, in a multi-ethnic country such as Nigeria, whose leadership is still lurking in the dark, about matters related to balancing opportunities amongst the various peoples of different ethnicities; and is gunning for inequality, to unmindfully secure some unjust, unfair ‘advantage’ over others – using all manners primordial tactics, availed it by a scathing status quo – should be considered an arch-enemy of a progressive Nigeria, simplicita!

    Like all progressive nations of this world, Nigeria should be a country of equal opportunity! Somehow, it may not be fully, satisfactorily explained how we detoured from the trajectory of equal-opportunity-country, upon which expression the country was founded, but restoring that ideal should not be delayed beyond now!


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