[Video] Pity! A GateHouse for the Nigerian Vice President cost $500,000. – Ben Murray-Bruce

Pity! A GateHouse for the Nigerian Vice President cost $500,000. 

Watch full video below.

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  1. This regime is the most corrupt regime Nigeria has witnessed so far. Now that the President is enjoying tax payers money, holidaying in London, I think our professor VP should do the best he can within the period to alleviate our suffering because when buhari comes back our suffering will be doubled


  2. This is kettle calling pot black, your take home monthly is about 20 million naira with all adds on, for doing nothing but just sit on your back side in the house. When the president was sworn in he asked you lots for a review of all the senators & reps salary, what was your takes on that when your co legislooters say NO. Where was your common sense. What is your take on all the confussion going on in the senate regarding paying former governors pension after 8 years service & lucky to be in the senate still collecting pension & fresh salaries & wages as a senator. If really you are representing the interest of the poor masses, why not raise a motion in the house for downward review of the senators & reps salaries & allowances till our economy improved. In sane society, if a politician is been accused of wrong doing they do step aside untill the problems goes or resolved, but you sit down in the senate with your senate president been drag to court for criminal charges & your common sense can`t address that to the public. YOU ARE JUST A TWO FACE LIARS>


  3. Nothing baffles me in Nigeria anymore. A 230 milion naira gate at the presidency, or even the amount a certain group of individuals around 300 in number take home monthly. Nothing is new or alarming. The words attributed to Gen. Gowon in the ’80s sums it all, “money is not Nigeria’s problem, but how to spend it.”
    So, is it a $500,000 gate or over rated salaries?


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