My Position on the Appeal Court’s judgement Concerning the Leadership of the PDP.

Concerning the PDP, the current bickering is childish and irrelevant. I am not in support of anymore litigation. We will work with Ali Modu Sheriff and go to a convention. Right now, PDP is on a course towards destruction and abiding by the judgement of the court is the only thing that can save us. In the first place, it is never the job of the judiciary to choose the leader of a party. I therefore call an end to the fighting. And I am supporting Ali Modu Sheriff because it is the only way to preserve the party. Right now, what Nigeria has is a one-party state – there is no opposition. Enough is enough. The is the time for PDP to unite, we are a formidable force!

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce.

February 18, 2017.

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  1. The ruling APC does not want opposition. Ali mugu sherief has been hired by APC to make sure that the party does not function wisely. APC is using the courts to give him all the backing he needs, to remain head of the party. God is now the only opposition we can rely on

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  2. Dear Senator, you are right that the bickering in PDP is childish & irrelevant. In other words, not good for the party. Why so much energy and resources are poured into a struggle that is not good for the party, is that the good of the party is not what is at stake. Neither is the good of Nigeria, by extension. It’s the same old self-driven political elite that we’ve been set back by from the get go. You say Nigeria is a one party state, and you are right Sir. It’s always been, for the most part, and even when the PDP power tussle is resolved, Nigeria will still be one party. As long as the stake that drives politics is power, the party in power is the state, and the opposition is only the other politicians who are struggling to get into power. Until this sort of struggle is delineated by ideology, it shall remain the same old swan song. Luckily for PDP, you are The Politician With Ideas, our Common Sense Senator. If your class of ideas went mainstream within the PDP, it would not only become The Opposition, it would quickly and easily become the Party in Power. Nigeria is at such a crossroads that the people are desperate for a way out: it was why they voted in APC, which has so far proven to be not much of an alternative to what Nigerians voted out. Sir, We The People are looking for alternatives. Many Nigerians find inspiration in your idea-driven brand of Politics, and it is our dream that they become the norm, and no longer the exception. May you, and many more men and women like yourself, find the wisdom you need to unite the political elite, and by extension, Nigeria, around ideas that will end the infighting and unleash the formidable force that you speak of. God bless Nigeria.


  3. The reason for all the fight is because of ambition and selfish interest. After destroying Nigeria with this same attitude, the party has Shown no element of remorse or change and you joke that you will win 2019. We are waiting. …


  4. @ Ayó Adéné, you’re are really there. Thanks for your writeup.


  5. I concur with you Sir.


  6. We should be working with Ali Modu Sheriff not because we agree with the position of the court of Appeal that he is the chairman of PDP but for the survival & love of the party. All party faithful should work with him to ensure that the party has a consensus convention where candidates chosen by party members are voted to lead the party to greater heights. Pdp must be about the people & not just for a few elected officials or money bags. This is my position moving forward.


  7. I agree with your submission, Senator. He should be told to urgently organise a national convention where leaders of the party will emerge. Enough of the endless litigations.


  8. When two elephants fight the grasses and the grand suffer it. Let this litigation put to a stop and bring back the party (PDP)to its original state. Hence, the populace will continue to swim in the ocean APC unfruitful change. Sir, we need idealists of your kind to salvage the state Nigeria.



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