Clarification of my Earlier Statement on the Appeal Court’s Judgement Concerning the Leadership of the PDP

Again, let me restate for clarification purposes that my support is not for Ali Modu Sheriff personally, but for the sustenance of the party and since the court of appeal has ruled, let us work with their judgment.

And while we wait for the judicial process to play itself out to its logical conclusion, we should follow our constitution for the convening of a convention. Once we do this, we will have taken back the destiny of our great party from the courts.

Any infighting is what those who are really behind this confusion want. Inconclusiveness is not in our character as the Peoples Democratic Party. We must resist this using superior intellect and political maturity. Tantrums and name calling will only give our enemies the weapons they need.

Let us read between the lines and be aware of the times we live in. Finally, I call on all of our members to support our leaders like Former President Goodluck Jonathan and elders in the party who are working even as we speak to bring normalcy to the party.

May God bless the Peoples Democratic Party, may God bless Nigeria.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce

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  1. You’re right on point Honourable! It’s only 3 months to reload and relaunch our great party. We shall overcome all odds and the sponsors of this imbroglio will surely be put to shame!


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