(Video) Watch my Speech at the 2016 Silverbird Man of the Year Award.

Full video of my speech at the 2016 Silverbird Man of the Year Award. Watch!

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  1. Please please Mr Bruce I beg you in the mighty name of GOD that created NIGERIA please sir on behalf of all right thinking NIGERIAN youths and lovers of good leaving of NIGERIAN tomorrow.
    Please ( contest for president ) by the next presidential election campaign.
    And I asure you that even without enough capital for the campaign our prayer (youths of Nigeria ) will make the spirit of GOD to move you on to that sit
    So that we can have future as a nation

    WARNING :GOD will not take it easy with any being
    that would try to high jack this message from Mr bruce
    be it {man woman group or spirit }



  2. My honourable Senator I am very proud of you. You are really a gift to this nation – keep it up and may the Almighty God strengthen you the more… Chinaka Dike.


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