[Video] Government Officials in Nigeria Should Be Sent to Jail for Bad Behaviour

In Nigeria, there are no consequences for bad behaviour. Government officials should be sent to jail for bad behavior.

Watch video of my full interview below.

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  1. Ki


  2. Hon. Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. i think before could be done, first of all, you and your colleagues should call for the amendment of our ”criminal law” and remove the plea bargain and then again, making stealing a death penalty/capital punish, so that no one of you as politicians will steal from the poor and our great country again and go scoot free again.


  3. I line with your train of thought I remembered an article last year where it was said the Kenyan Government freed up to 7,000 prisoners to make room for corruption offenders.


    I wish Nigeria could back up its corruption drive with action.


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