I support the engagement of owners of illegal refineries

I support the engagement of owners of illegal refineries.

Full video below.

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  1. My distinguish senator,
    Sir may I bring to your attention the several efforts made by myself and several other civil society groups both in Bayelsa, Rivers and other states in trying to put together data and figures from those who are the operators of the so call kpo fire /illegal refineries in the region.
    On the 10/03/2017 a sensitisation meeting was held were TVC News todays FM port Harcourt and other media Stations were invited to prove to the Federal Government that while we wait for them to come up with the modalities and process of setting up of the modular refineries and how to get licences for the operators of the Kpo fire/illegal refineries in the region
    We can support the Federal Government in order to make the pronouncement of the acting president on setting up modular refineries in the Niger Delta region a reality when he visited Rivers State.
    However there are few challenges we encountered during the sensitisation meeting and other engagement we had with the youths
    1. There is the issue of trust from the federal government
    2. The fear of security for the operators if they have to profile them self.
    3. Their sustainability for now that they are to await the federal government for this golden opportunity.
    4. The military is still till date destroying and arresting the artisans involve in the act.
    5. The federal government had not till date come up with the process or set up a committee to guide the process. and other questions that are of concern to them.
    Sir I wish to plead with you on behalf of the larger youths in the Niger Delta region to please use your good office to facilitate either on the side of the federal government or a plat form were the youths can have confidence to affiliate.


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