Nigeria’s Ministry of Sports is a Waste of Time

Athletes are dying, sports is not being developed in this country, so to have a Ministry of Sports is a waste of time.

See below to watch my full presentation on the floor of the Senate.

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  1. @SEN.benbruce, exactly you are right but do you think only ministry of sport is to be scrapped….. Please help us in scrapping more dormant ministries in Nigeria.


  2. Yea sir! He has nothing to over, I think somebody somewhere can overturn that ministry! They should allow pp to apply for ministry that are not working on how they can turn around any ministry around under no time!


  3. We always put a square peg in a round hole.
    Individuals that know nothing about sport are being deployed to man the affairs of the sports ministry.
    Where do we from here?


  4. Yes. Ben Murray Bruce is damn right. But he should focus on his constituency that does nothing for Nigeria and Nigerisnd. What they are interested in is draining the resources of Nigeria and making laws that does not add positively to the well being of Nigerians. Their oversight function is a charade. Imagine the National Assembly traveling to South Africa for what? Let charity begin from his Nstional Assembly. How much they earn, nobody knows. Imagine .

    Ben! Stop playing the ostrich!!!


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