BIG GIVEAWAY: Are you a Nollywood pro? Are you an amateur set on making it big in Nollywood and on the world stage?

The 100th Commonsense Series

How time flies! 

Two years ago, I began shooting the common sense messages in video format as my non partisan contribution to the development of the full strata of Nigerian society from the grassroots to the very top. 

Now, after 99 episodes, we are about to shot the 100th episode.

Now, this episode is all about giving back!

God has blessed me immensely through Nigeria and by His grace I own Dream Magic Studios, one of the most modern studios on earth!

It is based in Los Angeles and used to be owned by the legendary and sometimes infamous Larry Flint from whom I bought it.

It has some of the very best sound stages the world can boast of and they can be converted into almost any scene required to make a movie.

One of my clients/tenants is Kevin Hart and the studio regularly plays host to some of the best and brightest contemporary movie and TV stars. The best always attracts the best.

To give back to Nigeria and help develop the Nollywood movie industry, I want to shoot a Nollywood/Hollywood movie that will take the world by storm and show the entertainment industry that Nigeria’s movie industry has come of age.

I will finance this movie and guarantee world wide distribution both on television and cinema.

Now, here’s where you come in.

Are you a Nollywood pro? Are you an amateur set on making it big in Nollywood and on the world stage?

Send us your script and a panel to be headed by the queen of the African movie industry, our very own Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, will rate the scripts and select the best script and I will sign a contract with the winner and make their script into a movie that will be of sufficient quality to qualify for entry into the world’s very best Film Festivals. 

Who knows, you could even win an Oscar! 

Send your scripts to Let us make Nigeria’s movie industry the biggest and best in the world together!

And remember, my name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!


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28 replies

  1. Thank you so much sir for opening up this opportunity to our actors. This will really put Nigeria on the world map. May the Lord increase you in Jesus name. Amen.


  2. Been waiting for this opportunity my entire life! Thank you sir!!


  3. Great! Please when is the deadline sir?!!


  4. Thank you sir for this opportunity. Thank you for choosing Nollywood.

    I am Jennifer Jude, a singer and an upcoming actresss. I would love to join you in making common sense by featuring in this movie project.
    Thank you once again sir.


  5. I would love to participate in acting out the characters. I’m an upcoming model and actress. Thank you sir


  6. This is epic… Thank you Sen. Ben God bless you. God bless Nigeria


  7. Thank u sir for this opportunity.I am an actor and a theatre Artist. I would like to feature in the movie too. Please how do I send my videos


  8. Sir, is dere any room for an amateur actress to come and act some minor roles in the movie? U can reply via my email: i will still send in my script. The name is Gift thomas . Thank u


  9. A welcome initiative. Though the Nollywood/Hollywood aspect needs some clarification: will this be a Nigerian story shot in Hollywood in collaboration with Hollywood stars (eg: Black November, 30 Days in Atlanta, Trip to Jamaica) or a diasporan themed film? I ask because a lot of those types of films are already being made (Nollywood USA) but with little or no relatability to Nigerian audiences at home. Diasporan stories rarely draw a crowd in Nigeria because they don’t always capture the essence of life in Nigeria, which one would be the priority to sell Nigeria to the world. Nevertheless, it is a welcome initiative. Furthermore, what is the criteria for the scripts being sought after as well as deadline for the entries?


  10. I m not Nigerian. But African top.cant help to be overwhelmed by this news.
    I love Nigerian muvies n surely will love more. Its good news. I want world to see the good that lies in Africa too particularly Nigeria since opportunity has come up there now.
    May the Best one win.goodluck to all applicants


  11. Please Sir, is there a deadline for the script submission?


  12. Thank you my senator sir, for this oppotunity this has shown to me that common sense pays because it was with my common sense instinct that i voted you instead of the other, i am a script write and i will send THE SCRIPT tomorow thanks and GOD bless.


  13. I’m going to be the best, cross-chested


  14. Pls when is d deadline for this contest?


  15. thanks for the opportunity


  16. I am Leen obi and writing is my hubby. I will love to submit my story. Pls when is d dead line. Thx a lit for d opportunity.


  17. i am gonna be good at that, trust me, i am gonna act well, even thou i not yet an actor but i had the talent to be one, i wll perfectly participate well.
    Just hook me up on my contact:- 08094276745


  18. Thank You Sir for this privilege, though I recently tried the Site “”, but its not opening, how can I send my Script now.


  19. Such a glorious ooportunity.Thanks to you our only Senator Ben Bruce,Mr Commonsense for real.I will be glad to partner with you in my very script that will hit the world stage.


  20. I would be so glad i won’t miss these opprtunity, i have never been on a stage in my life.


  21. My Super super senator, I really appreciate this opportunity…And God will keep on blessing u… @favour


  22. The #biggiveaway is a great opportunity and a challenging one.
    I want to ask if acknowledgments were sent to those submitted earlier so they don’t start bothering if the submission got lost in spam.



  23. This entry is a great opportunity. i have already sent mine, but share the same thought with Kpac, and that is asking if acknowledgement is sent to those who have submitted theirs, as this will clear the doubt if submission has got lost or something. Please, i need this feed back


  24. Good one senator Ben, you ve been a serious agent of positive change. Keep the good work… I hope the opportunity is still open. Can Drama Script or Draft be accepted. Amadi-oparaeli Linda


  25. do i get a confirmation that they have receive my script??


  26. Please what is the stage of submission process?


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