Senator Ben Murray-Bruce’s Statement on the PDP Supreme Court Judgment.

We are happy this nightmare is over. There is no victor no vanquished. This is also, not a time to gloat. I call on all sides to stretch out a hand of brotherhood to rebuild our great party. Peace is better than war and unity, better than division. This judgement is indeed a victory for democracy and together, the PDP can return to being a formidable alternative to the ruling government.

Ben Murray-Bruce is the Founder of the Silverbird Entertainment Group and the Senator representing Bayelsa East in the National Assembly.

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  1. Your comment will fall on deaf ear. No one will listen to your preaching. And,there is victor and there is vanquished. Not as you are trying to depict.


    • My God. Hahahahahahahaha……………………what an idiot!! These Northerners are just showing how illiterate and ignorant they are. No wonder your region is a complete failure.


  2. Lagos chairmanship case should be treated and handled with care inorder not to jeopardize our chances as a party to win this local government elections, because the APC might want to capitalize on it to disqualify candidates field by Segun Adewale Aeroland chairmanship. Pls I want you to be at the center stage of this.


  3. Nice one. As a Futurê member of the party I think the party has gotten so much bad reputations in the past that it can’t afford another. APC is trying to play the old power game of scattering the sheep and plucking them one by one. The PDP, now more than ever, can’t afford to be divided. But as far as my political role models still remain in the party, then I’m always a member of PDP.


  4. great talk from a pragmatic patriot, I always like reading your comments.
    PDP should immediately put their house in order against 2019 and the most powerful thing that will help this family is to project a young and vibrant youth for the presidential race and also use the old aged politicians in APC government to campaign and who the minds of Nigerians same as they(APC)Took advantage of the Boko Haram and dollar cries to campaign in 2015.
    Long live PDP
    Long live the federal republic of Nigeria.


  5. The party must do more to rebuild itself. There must be a complete postmortem of what really happened in government with a view to correcting mistakes. No more sharing of government money to put into private accounts. Campaign money should also stay with the campaign team. If the party don’t address the past mistakes, then they won’t improve.

    They must also come out with proper socio economic alternatives and with better ways of combatting corruption.


  6. And you must note (and avoid) those who fanned the embers of bitterness and war between the two PDP factions; they remain very dangerous human beings.


  7. When a leader speaks you little minds listen. We can’t continue like this as a nation his excellence is make great point.


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