Video: Full Speech of Senator Ben Murray-Bruce at the Great Lakes Trade Summit – Kampala 2017

Watch Below: Full Speech of Senator Ben Murray-Bruce at the Great Lakes Trade Summit – Kampala 2017

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  1. Wonderful. Please could we have an update on the nollywood scriptwriting competition which you advertised sometime ago.


  2. The speech was true to the point, my take now is Ben Bruce as a Senator of Nigeria Should use his influence to reshape the sense of reasoning of majority of his colleagues in the red chamber to legislate for better Nigeria and future of our children. The legislature can do a lot to stop this endemic corruption and selfishness in government. They should pass the executive bill on establishing of separate court for corruption and financial crime and others yet unattended to by the legislature. This will do us all a lot of good and they will be remembered for good even after death. They should remember that it is not the amount of money in your safe or the position you attain in life that matter but the positive impacts you left behind. Cheers


  3. Good morning Sir, l have for the pass two years been training youths on entrepreneurship and skills acquisition training,I have trained over 500 youths in the following skills. (1)Hair dressing (2)aluminum fabrication(alumaco)(3) Make-up Arts/manicure pedicure(4) Cake and pastry (5)Tilling (6) photography/video coverage(7) Beads making/Ankara bag (8) Computer training. Sir, l have been searching for individuals and organizations to come in and take over this training by way of providing financial assistance or tools so that this young people can be self reliance. The Aim of this training was to do the part of the training than others can come in and give them assistance through financing or provision of tools for them. I will be very grateful if you key into this initiative. I shall give you full details about the program.Thank you sir. My name is Clarence Ntui


  4. Great and practical speech. You are spot on message


  5. Precise and to the point. We have no strategy.


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