I appeal to the government to quickly privatize our airports.

Video: I appeal to the government to quickly privatize our airports. Click below to watch.

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  1. I believe, and strongly, that outright privatization and liberalization of the economy through the NSE (Nigeria Stock Exchange), by way of IPO (initial public offer) is the way forward for the country economically and financially. Government cannot be regulator and operator/manager of the economy at the same time. This is corruption, and encouraging corruption. Government should focus solely on regulation, and leave management of the economy the citizens.

    Yes to the privatization and (liberalization) of the airports through the NSE by way of IPO.

    Not only the airports, but NNPC, the refineries, Ajaokuta steel, NTA, Radio Nigeria, and other commercial enterprises still under government’s management.

    Please it MUST be through the NSE by way of IPO. This will make it, 1, possible for all Nigerians to participate, 2, transparent, and 3, to be well subscribed.


  2. My Honorable Senator Ben Bruce, I appreciate your advice and would advise you to talk to ur colleagues in the 8th NASS to support Executive by enacting acts that will force the executive at all levels to spend the available resources wise, we need to use the oil money to finance diversification of our economy before oil become worthless like coal. Most of advanced nations are turning to greener energy. In less than 20 yrs most vehicles will be electric powered. Though belated but we have to act now to stop the country going into bankruptcy


    • The country sells crude oil and imports all the finished products of the same crude oil. This is a loss, and a monumental loss for the matter. The government doesn’t have money to pay salaries of its civil servants, and contractors it had engaged.

      It’s not even generating money from taxes. It may cost it alot trying to generate revenues from taxes.

      Outright privatization and liberalization of the economy through the NSE by way of IPO, not just the airports, will generate revenue for government on the short term, as well as on the long term.

      The country’s continued importation of the finished products of crude oil is responsible for the continuous fall in value of the Naira, and the level of corruption that has refused to abate.


  3. Privatization is the Capitalists answer to anything they can Capitalize. Who is the government going to sell the Airports to? Isn’t it going back in the hands of crooked politicians? We have seen this play before.

    Why don’t you play something new like empowering cities, like giving cities control of airports? Why can’t the people of Ikeja who live with the pollution of 3 airports not have control or benefit from them?


    • “Who is the government going to sell the Airports to?”

      To Nigerians of course, through the NSE (Nigeria Stock Exchange) by way of IPO (initial public offer). The airports (and other government commercial enterprises like NNPC etc.) will then become quoted companies on the stock exchange. This will bring about transparency, accountability, efficiency, and productivity.

      Outright privatization and liberalization of the economy through the NSE by way of IPO will empower the local government areas and states economically and financially.


  4. Hello Senator Ben Bruce , I have been looking for a means to reach you , I’m a youth from Detal state; I do part-time at Niger Delta University ,with little or no support I have been managing to scale through life’s drama. I live alone,young bachelor with greater visions set to attain, as a young individual I understand how the young minds relate to issues be it personal, religious and political. I am pleading for an opportunity to be a young OAP in your radio station in Yenagoa, I want discuss with mainly audience who are teens and the youth,with contribution from the older grade that may be interested in the discussion. Sir I have a lot of issues to discuss and a new light for the young minds to see , to understand that they have a vital role to play in the society, to inspire minds, to make know they only holds the future if they grab now. Please sir ,give me an opportunity to shine in this path of life,I have dreams, I need a push.


    Dear Sen. Bruce, thank you for talking about Statistics in your new commonsense series.

    First called political arithmetic in the 18th century (because unlike mathematics, statistics had its origin in Public Administration), it is an indispensable tool for development planning.

    Given the significance of statistics in development planning, it is surprising however that only 9 states in the country have a Statistics Bureau & just one state in the South South.

    It is more surprising because without data we cannot measure & if we cannot measure, we cannot plan.

    We created a tweet with 5 threads on this subject, mentioning you Sir. Please kindly check your mentions on Twitter.

    We could help your state create one. If it doesn’t have a statistics law, we can help it draft one.


  6. Dear Senator Ben,

    I want to contribute my quota in supporting H. E. Atiku Abubakar to become the next president of Nigeria? I’m a PhD student in U.K. Please, put me in the loop for active participation in Nigerian politics. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards, Lawrence

    Enthroned for GOD



  7. “Action without thought is empty. Thought without action is blind. ” ~ Kwame Nkrumah

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    Any patriotic Nigeria that remits at least US$300.00 annually can invest and become a partner (starting with $20.00) in these projects for Nigeria’s economic growth and jobs provision for the youth.

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  1. Privatization is the Capitalists answer to anything they can Capitalize. ” I appeal to the government to quickly privatize our airports” – Senator Ben Murray-Bruce | Juju Films

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