Common Sense Series with Ben

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  1. Good morning sir, I have a genue business idea that have the capacity of producing over twenty (20) billion naira on a daily basis without stress and risk, but it is capital intensive. Mind you, you are not giving me any money, I will just bring the idea and you send the money the erand. After achieving the goal I will owen two(2) pecentage of the share. If you are interested kindly send me a notification mail regarding how we can meet and dialogue extensively via I want to stress that this is absolutely NO scam.


  2. I am courage achu I have a common cense to make but as an average Nigerian I wish to shear it with you senator so you can help Nigeria with it this are my numbers (08035094755.07053041818.09090655561)thanks sir


  3. Good day Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, I have followed your #commonsense series and I have to commend your efforts towards creating a Nigeria of possibilities. The mind of the Nigerian has been the total problem, and I have noticed that it is being developed through the #commonsense series. There’s a book I read, and it depicts the true Nigerian struggle and how they came out of the problems through the Power of the mind. I will like to recommend this book to you; “WHY I KILLED MY LOVE” by Leonard Chris.


  4. You’re actually a scarce asset required for both economic and political development in a spoit country like Nigeria (Ben Bruce). COMMON SENSE series has the necessary capacity to do the mind-clean-up which no chemical in the world can do. Try and extend the program to radio broadcast.


  5. sir am Hembaor Matthew from federal university of Agriculture makurdi, department of Animal Nutrition. sir I intend setting up iof poultry farm but the capitals not their .
    sir am pleading if you can give me a helping hand.


  6. I am so impressed n thrilled at the prospect of ur outspokenness and common wisdom, wich is not common in this parts.
    Am Hugo victor an eccentric script writer with a completed draft script termed NIGERIAN CIVIL WAR 2.
    I want no payment for this script. I just want it to be greenlited.
    Beep me asap for more details 0810 391 1933


  7. Good afternoon sir, my name is Awin Gideon, i hail from Plateau State Nigeria, i seeking for support from you to help me boost me and my family. Sir, i will be more gratefull if my request is been granted. 2173569935 Maram Awin Gideon UBA Bank


    • Sen. Ben Murray Bruce sir, your common sense is really making sense how i wish all our leaders hearts are like yours Nigeria would have been a better place to be bought for the rich and the poor, i and my family have been a pans of your “Common Sense” for quite some time, i wish you contest for President of this Country i and my entire family promise our votes in your favour that a promise.



  1. Senators' Allowance: Why is common sense senator silent all the while?

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