Common Sense Series with Ben

You may download the videos in MP4 or OGG format when you click the “share” link(s) at the top right-hand corner of each video.













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  1. Good morning sir, I have a genue business idea that have the capacity of producing over twenty (20) billion naira on a daily basis without stress and risk, but it is capital intensive. Mind you, you are not giving me any money, I will just bring the idea and you send the money the erand. After achieving the goal I will owen two(2) pecentage of the share. If you are interested kindly send me a notification mail regarding how we can meet and dialogue extensively via I want to stress that this is absolutely NO scam.


  2. I am courage achu I have a common cense to make but as an average Nigerian I wish to shear it with you senator so you can help Nigeria with it this are my numbers (08035094755.07053041818.09090655561)thanks sir


  3. Good day Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, I have followed your #commonsense series and I have to commend your efforts towards creating a Nigeria of possibilities. The mind of the Nigerian has been the total problem, and I have noticed that it is being developed through the #commonsense series. There’s a book I read, and it depicts the true Nigerian struggle and how they came out of the problems through the Power of the mind. I will like to recommend this book to you; “WHY I KILLED MY LOVE” by Leonard Chris.


  4. You’re actually a scarce asset required for both economic and political development in a spoit country like Nigeria (Ben Bruce). COMMON SENSE series has the necessary capacity to do the mind-clean-up which no chemical in the world can do. Try and extend the program to radio broadcast.



  1. Senators' Allowance: Why is common sense senator silent all the while?

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